E Flute

Crush Resistance

E flute has an impressive 94 flutes per foot, the most of any fluted product we offer, giving it the best crush resistance and the flattest surface for high quality printing.

Slim Profile

E flute is just 25% the thickness of C flute, allowing you to reduce box size and save storage space. The combination of cushioning and slimness means E flute can substitute for conventional folding cartons or solid fiber containers.

Benefits At A Glance

  • Takes up less warehouse space than traditional C flute or B Flute
  • Saves almost 50% in box blank storage space over B flute
  • Excellent substitute for slip sheets, chipboard, and SBS

E Flute Applications Include

  • Glass
  • Ceramic items
  • Delicate instruments
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics
  • Liquor
  • Food/Frozen
  • Window corners
  • Partitions
  • High graphic displays
  • Point-of-purchase boxes
  • Pet supplies